In my teachings there is no place for the violation of consent, for hate, or any other kinds of disrespect. This must be clear.

“When I tie, it’s past directed. It has nothing to do with the future and it has nothing to do with the presence. It is

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something, that shows me the past – of me as well as of my partner’s past. Tying is an interview for me. I ask questions. The questions I ask, with my rope, with different tensions, different distances, different exposures and so on and so forth, aim for answers in the past. The physicist in you (and in me, too!) now yells at me and says “No way! Even if the answers are built with symbols that have been learned, you get the answers now, ie in the presence!” Well, from the perspective of time as a coordinate, you are right. But I don’t experience a Kinbaku scene as a mathematical physicist. I rather see it as a pervert linguist and historian – one could say as an archeologist of personalities.” (Barkas 2016)

In erotic rope bondage we first have to free ourselves from the tyranny. There are four: The tyranny of the tying person, the tyranny of the tied person, the tyranny of eroticism, and most importantly, the tyranny of the rope. Erotic rope bondage has to free itself from rope to be no longer a slave. Because, and I feel confident in this, rope is the major obstacle to erotic rope bondage.*

(*P. Greenaway modified by Barkas)