Osada Ryu




Teaching System

The Osada Ryu provides  dozens and dozens of different tying techniques for all kinds of purposes of an erotic bondage scene. I’m one of the 3 licenced Osada Ryu instructors in the world. Hence I’m able to teach every aspect of this school. Within workshops for groups up to 10 couples or within private tuition, the main focus lies on hands on classes. The participants are asked to practice the techniques in order to repeat them at home or elsewhere properly.


Meta Aspects

Things that cannot be taught properly as they are to be interpreted by every single individual. Thoughts about how to increase the pleasure of a scene and how to develop personally with Japanese rope bondage. The Osada Ryu provides a mindset. Nine gates of thinking, nine gates of how to aply ropes to a beloved one.

/Kashi no nawa/Ma ai/Kankyuu/Urawaza/Sabaku/Kan/Kuden/Muganawa/Ki/

Each of them are meant to explore as time and practice goes by.