I am a bondage educator, performance artist, writer and event organizer.

In 2011 I opened the Shibari Dojo Vienna. Since then. In 2015 I got a “given name” by Yukimura Haruki Sensei. Harutsuyu. This honour allows me to teach Yukimura Ryu as well. I am an Osada Ryu instructor since 2011 and I keep those teachings as my main influence. Another huge influence is the friendship with Nawashi Kanna Sensei and Kagura San, which started I co-organized their first tour outside of Japan in 2013. As a product of this high level education, I developed my own, very specific style called “Ranboo”, which is a highly dynamical and stormy way of doing and thinking Kinbaku.

I co-organized the annual Viennese Rope Festival and other events such as the “A night full of Kinbaku”. Within my work as a Kinbaku teacher and performer, I cooperate with different artists and arts institutions, such as the Zafraan ensemble, the Viennese Tanzquartier, the photographer Tom Hofmann, the opera singer August Schramm for “opera on acid” and many others.

A special focus of me is the implementation of various philosophical, sociological, physical, mathematical and historical ideas into my approach. A recent development of me is the metaphor of tying as an interview – a certain mind-set that can help to perfect one’s own style. Intellectuality and emotionality don’t contradict each other. “To fill the techniques with life and personality”. I don’t tie people, I tie with them.

Performances and Workshops all over the world, such as at Shibaricon in Chicago, at Moscow knot, at Kannawa Kai in Tokyo, at West Coast Bound in Vancouver, FIRE in Orlando, Bound in Boston, and many other events and occasions made has made me a well-known and demanded Kinbaku artist.

I work most of the time with my partner and wife Addie.