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private tuition – workshops – performances – in-house study trips

If you are interested in learning the art of erotic rope bondage a direct and individualized training is the best way of evolving. My background in Osada Ryu, Yukimura Ryu, the influence of Nawashi Kanna San as well as my own developments in the field enable me to tailor an individual learning experience. With me as a full time instructor, you can choose between various options of entering or extending your personal training.

  • Private tuition

At any place/event/time. I come to an event near your place or to your city on one of my various tours – book me for a 2h minimum private lesson. We discuss beforehand the direction in which you would like to go in your lesson. Private lessons are available between 2h and 6h per day (may vary during events). Cost: $150CAD per hour


  • Workshops
    • We give regular workshops at TheSpace. Those workshops follow each a certain theme. Follow the event calendar of TheSpace to find out about those workshops. Cost: $150CAD per couple
    • Workshops on our tours. Follow Addie and me on Facebook, Fetlife, and Twitter to find out about our tours through North America and Europe. Cost: Set by the local organizer.


  • In-house study trips

Come to our house in Vancouver BC for a long weekend or longer and experience an intense Kinbaku training over several days. Drink with us, eat with us, discuss ropes with us, come to the events at TheSpace, and meet us beyond the hectic time of a big event.

Up to 6 nights. accommodation and breakfast included. Minimum of 12 hours of private lessons during the stay. Cost: $150CAD/h. ($200CAD/h for lessons with us both)


  • Regular Kinbaku training

Twice per week (dates at we offer Kinbaku training for regular participants of all levels. (prerequisite: single column tie). The first part is practicing a certain pattern, the second part is dedicated to some aspects of the philosophy of erotic rope bondage and the third part is for the participants to practice their own ties under supervision. Up to 8 couples per training ensure the quality of the training. Duration is 3h. Cost: $20CAD per person.


  • Performances

Book us for a performance at your event. Let your community see how connection through ropes can look like on stage. See here what it could look like like. Cost: performance only package: $600CAD/performance plus travel expenses. (performance included in other packages. Contact us for further informations)


  • Organizers

Contact us with your suggestion of a date (Please note that we are booked approximately a year in advance) and a place and we will provide you with an “organizer’s package” that includes costs, terms and conditions, advertisement materials, etc.



*including relevant Canadian Taxes