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An update on Ranboo

An update on Ranboo

An update on Ranboo

When I wrote about the development of Ranboo, I promised an update about my personal development w.r.t. Ranboo. In the meantime, I taught Ranboo or elements of this style on three different continents in over 20 cities and to approximately 300 people (just in my class at this year’s Shibaricon, there were about 130 people.)

The development of Ranboo

My personal review on the development of the overwhelming style There are many kinds of tying someone with the aim of having a special time together. One can just fix someone else or tying very technically, one can focus on symmetric bondages or construt special patterns. One can tie in a very calm way, very

Grammatology of tying

Recently I wrote a note about a metaphor of tying. This metaphor consists of the picture of an interview which combines two of the main discourses of bondage. It combines the power relation with communication, whereas the latter should stay on an equal level even within a certain power relationship. Herein the power relationship as well

Interview metaphor

Among many people who are into rope bondage, the definition of the process of their tying is strongly connected with the term communication. Yukimura Haruki himself is talking about three different aspects or key terms of his style. First of them is communication through ropes. When he is asked about the method of communication, he