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  • barkas@barkaskinbaku.com
  • Opening: Mo, Tue 4.30pm-9pm
Book us

Book us

We are at this moment in the pandemic able to offer private, in-person lessons. 

If you are interested in learning the art of erotic rope bondage, direct and individualized training is a great way of evolving. My history in Osada Ryu, Yukimura Ryu, the influence of Nawashi Kanna San, as well as my own developments in the field enable me to tailor an individual learning experience. 

Lessons are held at our home in Vancouver, Grandview area. Lessons are 2 hours long and CA$240 (tax included). Booking slots are available every Monday and Tuesday, 4.30pm-6.30pm or 7pm-9pm. Please contact us for other, individualized options if these times do not work. Lessons are not limited to one tying pair. Students can share a private lesson. Don’t hesitate to book one for you and a friend. (2 pairs max per lesson)
Due to a trickier schedule, lessons with Addie can be booked separately via email (addietahl@gmail.com). 

For the safety of everyone involved, we ask that you wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated (two doses, min 2 weeks since last dose). If you want us to wear a mask despite being vaccinated, we will happily do so. If you want to wear a mask and ask us to wear a mask for any reason, including comfort, please do not hesitate to ask us. We realize that not everyone has the option of getting vaccinated, and not everyone feels secure being around people again. We will do our utmost to keep everyone involved safe and comfortable. If you feel unwell, show any symptoms that can be associated with Covid-19, or have been in contact to someone who might be sick, we ask you to stay home. There is no problem rescheduling a lesson in that case.

Please note that your honesty and compliance in these regards is paramount and potentially life saving since we care for a particularly high risk person in our circle. Thank you, and stay safe!

BOOK YOUR LESSON DIRECTLY VIA EMAIL INQUIRY to barkas@barkaskinbaku.com (with your preferred dates and your background in ropes)

How does a lesson work?
The student either tells us at the beginning of the lesson or prior via email about what they would like to work on (e.g. communication, patterns, suspensions, creativity, pattern xy they are working on, etc.). In the beginning of the lesson, we ask the student to just tie for a few minutes in order to assess the level and to find ways of how we can work towards the students’ goal (this doesn’t apply to novices in which case we start with some simple patterns and safety considerations). After this first assessment, the students tie exercises suggested by us, with constant feedback. Students are welcome to film their lessons, to take notes or use other methods to retain the information. The last few minutes of a lesson are used to discuss and summarize the lesson and future development.  

*If the available time slots do not at all work for you, please contact us for other options. Refund possible until 48h before the start time of the lesson. Rescheduling possible until 24h before the start time of the lesson.