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Sexual differential geometry

Sexual differential geometry



Measurement of the human body/ Sattelpunkt

 No body is flat. It is a curved surface. Physics measures the curvature of spacetime, a construction, where humans live in. I want to measure the object where we live in on a different scale but with the same methods. The goal is to measure the Riemannian tensor of a human body in every point. at some, the scalar of this tensor is zero, at some other points, so called singularities it is infinitly high.

The questions are how a mathematical object derived from a human object looks like? What happens with the human who is measured? What happens with me during measurment and my relation to the measured human?

Measuring a human body in this sense is not only a pure objectification, as it also requires a deep involvement with the human of the body.

Muse: Addie_

Ongoing project.